A Struggle Yet to be Defined, Dachung Bagos and the G17 Group


Correct me If Am Right:  A Struggle Yet to be Define, Dachung Bagos and the G17 Group

By   Dakwom M  Longgul

Democracy as a system of governance, gives merit to freedom of expression and association. In fact this particular (right is clearly captioned in section 40 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria 1999 as amended ) value embedded in the system of democracy makes it unique to other forms of government.

The G17 as a political interest group on plateau have continued to legally register their opinion on many areas of governance on the plateau, yet, the question many continue to ask and are still asking is: what is this group about, and whose interest is this group defending?  Where was  Dachung  Musa Bagos  and his G17 group before  2015? Is the G17 same as the G17 in the GNS youth campaign group in 2015?

Revelation has it that, indeed there are two distinct groups bearing G17, one was a political structure  in the last political process preceding the 2015 elections which is no longer active, and Dachung Bagos is not the convener. while the other in focus, claims to be a youth peace and progressive forum free of any political affiliation.

In the popular statement of Shakespeare, “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”  the struggle of the group G17 is now hijacked by some political class, and the clannish patronage of this group will further define the ill motivation driving the group.

In plane words, most of the members of the group are dominated by a certain ethnic group on the plateau and still hold on the bitterness of defeat at the last General elections; a sign that does not portray” progressive”  or “peace”

Soyinka once said “power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely”  could this statement be true about the leader of the progressive and peace group which hitherto have registered in clear words their philosophy, whereas. Only for the leader to assume the status a plateau youths spokesperson, a position never contested before?  It is important to note that the last proposed visit of Dachung  Bagos to Slate State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASSIEC) as proposed, was without consultation  to his G17 comrades  and  sensationally owing to a fact, that he was on radio not to announce his proposed visit but to discuss other sundry issues.

The metamorphosis from a philanthropist Bagos to an activist  is not  without a direction of purpose, left  to many,” one  who is coming to equity should come with clean hands” Hence, if Bagos is to be taken serious he should also speak against the ills of  the political party to which he belong.

The words of Shakespeare in Julius cecar again captures the reason why many organization like G17 fail “Brutus like  Bagos is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men–  “ Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral”. He was my friend, faithful and just to me: But Brutus says he was ambitious” Bagos your members are saying the same; ask me not of their names please.

In a collective struggle, the group supersedes the individual interest, because it’s about the institution and not the interest of the leader but to a sound mind Bagos is bigger than his comrades.

In conclusion, the writer seeks to be a voice of reason, to the parable ascribes to the legendary Tortoise of Africa who many years ago embark on a voyage of pride hence the community call upon him:

“Mr. Tortoise when are you going to realize that your journey of bitterness will take you nowhere”    and the Tortoise answered “not until I have been Disgraced!! Disgraced and disgraced. …  Proverbs to bones and silence




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A Struggle Yet to be Defined, Dachung Bagos and the G17 Group

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