Sen. I.D. Gyang Paid Tribute to Y.Y. Lobadungze

The demise of Y.Y. Lobadungze, a confidant, a brother, a friend, a burden bearer, a close associate, and an aide have been very devastating.

Y.Y. was vibrant, energetic, and had immense capacity in managing people.
He served diligently, passionately, loyally, committedly, and tirelessly.
He was resourceful, dutiful, faithful, amiable, available, reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.

We have been together since 2010-2014 when he joined me as an aide to serve our dear state as Permanent Secretary, Cabinet, and Special Sevices. We proceeded together to the National Assembly, House of Representatives (2015-2019) and the Senate (2019-2023).

We held on together till last Friday, 3rd May 2024, when we lost him to the cold hands of death after a brief battle with sickness. We prayed and made intercession. We believed God for healing in addition to medical attention but had to submit to the sovereign will of God on his demise.

May the Lord comfort his wife, children, father and mother, the immediate and extended family, all men and women of goodwill who have interacted and related with amiable Y.Y. particularly those of us who shared his life and time in the service of our nation and fatherland.

The Lord grants his soul eternal rest, Amen!

Senator I. D. Gyang, Esq.

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Sen. I.D. Gyang Paid Tribute to Y.Y. Lobadungze

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