Clinton Garuba, the aide of Senator Jonah Jang has issued a rejoinder to accusations/allegations of bias made by Ayuba Pam Dangwong at PDP pre-congress meetings held at DOI with regards zoning of principal PDP offices.

The allegations were carried in an article titled “In defense of democracy: A cacophony of lies”. See article on ViewPointNigeria at


My attention has been drawn to a statement issued by Mr. Ayuba Pam Dangwong who chose to refer to me as one Clinton Garuba, in spite of the fact that we worked together in the not too distant past. That alone is a reason not to have taken him seriously, as one who is in politics for his convenience. Unlike him however, I shall not leave the important issues to dwell on the non-issues just to seek some cheap popularity or claim some form of political dexterity.

For starters my initial inkling was to ignore both the message and the messenger, however on second thought, I considered that to stand aloof while someone peddles falsehoods and half-truths is akin to accepting that as truth. In any case, whether I claim to be an aide of Jang or speak on his behalf, I wonder what problem Ayuba Pam has with that. As far as I know, Senator Jang has not denied me, neither has Mr. Chris Gyang his Personal Assistant/Media Aide complained to Mr. Pam that I usurped his powers to speak on behalf of the Senator. This goes only to show the kind of person Mr. Ayuba Pam is: someone who has serious credibility issues and looks for opportunity to make up for his shortcomings.

When he had the opportunity to speak for Jang, what good did he make out of it. Distinguished gentlemen of the press you recall that while the occasion called for Mr. Pam to speak, his voice was never heard. How has he suddenly transformed into someone who speaks to the extent of insulting the very person who gave him a voice. As a person whose antecedents have always been that of a politics of convenience, he lack the moral right to demonize anyone just to satisfy the ego of his new paymasters and their selfish agenda.

For the record, Mr. Ayuba Pam served as Senator Jang’s Personal Assistant while he was contesting for Governorship in 2003 under the ANPP, however in a flash, he moved to pitch his tent with Hon. Damishi Sango who was contesting for the same position under the banner of AD. As soon as it was convenient again, he took up an appointment under Jang after he had become governor of Plateau State. Unlike Mr. Ayuba Pam, some of us have remained loyal and owe the distinguished senator a duty to protect his hard earned reputation which the likes of Ayuba and his ilk will fruitlessly seek to tarnish.

In his usual characteristic he has found a new paymaster and must justify his pay by trying to drag Sen. Jang’s name in the mud. In any case, this is clearly a case of the biblical assertion of the ‘voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau.’ It must be made clear that whatever ambition Hon. Edward Pwajok has, Sen. Jang is not threatened in any way. He is already an established leader on the Plateau and cannot be intimidated by whatever all his former aides become.

After all, most of them who still occupy any offices today rode on the back of his magnanimity to rise to those positions and as a good father he desires to see his children surpass his achievements. Sen. Jonah David Jang governed Plateau well, in the best way he could and have written his name in gold, he would not cower to the machinations and scheming of a few people who have fed fat on his kind gesture.

As far as we know, the Zonal Executive of the PDP in the Northern Zone has not come out to say Sen. Jang influenced the decision of the Zonal caucus in sharing the positions allotted to the zone. The question is, why is Ayuba Pam Dangwong crying louder than the bereaved? No chairmanship aspirant as it stands today comes from his Jos south LGA. The distinguished Senator has made it abundantly clear that he does not have a preferred candidate and that he will work with anyone who emerges. If the party decides today to zone the Chairmanship to any other LGA, he would work with whoever emerges from there. It is unnecessary to struggle hard to drag Sennato Jang in to disrepute.

For the umpteenth time, Sen. Jang will work with anyone who emerges irrespective of where the person comes from. His stance hasn’t changed; he is 100% in agreement with what the Zonal EXCO of the party has done with the positions the State EXCO has allotted to the Northern Zone. Talking of a cabal, one wonders who Mr. Pam refers to, is the same people who are today his paymasters who used all kinds of proxies to try to assuage Sen. Jang to support them to emerge PDP gubernatorial candidates, in spite of their unpopularity or is it the same set of people he now works for who did everything possible to sabotage the efforts of Jang for not supporting the devilish, clannish and selfish ambitions? The fact remains that the same people who derive pleasure in insulting Jang today would have been nowhere, had he not given them the opportunity to serve under him.

Sen. Jang as Governor, acted nobly by allowing some of the people who demonize him today, in spite of the wavering loyalties to serve longer than was necessary in his cabinet. Mr. Ayuba Pam Dangwong lacks whatever right, in spite of his inalienable right to free speech under which guise he has hidden to insult Jang. The Senator has distinguished himself in ways that have earned him the statesmanship position he enjoys today and it is unfortunate that no amount of blackmail the Ayuba Pams of this world will controvert that fact.

Rather than go about insulting Jang, at 51, Mr. Pam should be engaging in ventures that will earn him the kind of respect the Senator enjoys through a dint of hard work over the years. I am glad that in his collection of falsehood where he tried to paint a picture of being at the centre of everything that has transpired, he alluded to the fact the Sen. Jang maintained that he has no candidate, one therefore wonder why he is forcing one on Jang.

As I close, just so you ignore whatever calumnious things he would say against me, let me inform you that as one who reside on the Plateau, a card carrying member of PDP Plateau State and one who pays his dues to the state Chapter, I have a moral burden to defend our leader as well as to speak on issues relating to the party. I must reiterate the fact that whatever ambition Mr. Ayuba Pam Dangwong’s paymasters have cannot diminish the statesmanship of Jang.

My advice to Mr. Pam is simply that as an African adage says ‘those who desire to attain the stage of elder statesmanship do no go about insulting elders.’ Sen. Jang has forgiven all those who insulted him in any way and has refused to hold grudges against anyone. Let them accord him the respect that he deserves by playing politics devoid of mudslinging and name calling.

Thank you for your attention.

Clinton Garuba

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Re: Ayuba Pam Dangwong’s accusations: Jang’s aide issues rejoinder

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