PSJ Nigeria Youth Movement urges Nigerian governors to unite, end insecurity, majority-minority divisions and develop education – rural communities

An Organization, ‘International Organization for Peace and Social Justice (PSJ)’ has called on Nigerian Governors of the Middlebelt extraction (Central Nigeria) to unite and end the security problems bedeviling the region. This was contained in a communication issues by the organization on Monday 28th May, 2024 following a Central Nigeria strategic meeting held from Wednesday 22nd, May – Friday 24th May 2024 in Makurdi, the Benue State Capital.

The PSJ Nigeria youth movement, led by Mr. Sam Odeh and supported by all regional coordinators organization, added that “The violence has led to significant disruptions in food production and overall development, necessitating immediate and concerted action.”

The organization also called for an end to the Majority-Minority mentality among the people of the region, adding that “The movement highlights the detrimental effects of the majority-minority dichotomy, which has further divided the region. This mentality has marginalized certain tribes, such as the Idomas and Egede in Benue State, preventing them from assuming leadership roles.”

The organization advocates for the abolition of what they described as “divisive mindset” and stressed the need to foster inclusive growth and representation.

The organization equally called on government at all levels to empower the Educational Sector and Develop Rural Communities which according to them are critical to the overall development of the people.

Emphasizing the importance of education and rural development, the organization added “…the PSJ Nigeria youth movement calls on regional leaders to prioritize these areas. Investing in education and infrastructure in rural communities is crucial for long-term peace and prosperity.”

In conclusion the organization appealed to all Nigerians to join hands against what they described as “…the pervasive issues of killings, injustice, inflation, and bad governance”, adding that “A collective effort from all sectors of society is essential to bring about meaningful change and build a fair and secure Nigeria.”

Highlights of the event were orientation and advocacy led by Miss Princess Akayi and Mr. Bakali Maina, who provided an overview of the organization’s mission, while also stressing the importance of fairness and security for all citizens.

State Coordinator report segment provided opportunity for state coordinators of the organization present their reports, highlighting the progress and challenges in their mobilization efforts across the region.

There was an interactive session where participants engaged in discussions on different approaches, sharing experiences and strategies for effective advocacy. The event ended with a strategic meeting which focused on addressing national issues and planning future actions concluded the day’s events.

The organization said they remain committed to the advocacy for peace, justice, and development across Nigeria. They urged all stakeholders to join them in their mission to transform Nigeria.

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PSJ Nigeria Youth Movement urges Nigerian governors to unite, end insecurity, majority-minority divisions and develop education – rural communities

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