It has come to the notice of Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum/Hon. Edward Pwajok SAN KSG campaign team, Consolidation for Greater Plateau 2023, a concocted misleading press briefing in an attempt to deceive the countless followers and supporters of the Labour Party, LP, and lure them into voting for the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), governorship candidate, Barrister Caleb Mutfwang at the March 18, 2023 governorship poll, led by a group of PDP supporters impersonating Peter Obi’s, the LP presidential candidate.
In the said press briefing led by one Stephen Danladi Wuyep, the group which was not up to 20, claimed that 200 groups of Obi supporters have endorsed Mutfwang for governorship.
First and foremost, if they are truly Peter Obi’s supporters and believe in him, they will not stab him in the back after coming to Jos yesterday, and thanking the state for the votes given to him at the February 25, 2023 Presidential poll and solicited for more support for the LP at the governorship poll.
Obi announced that all his supporters should vote LP top to bottom at the March 18, 2023 polls. His genuine supporters will honour his request.
If the group was truly for Obi, it will not hurt and discourage him at this time that he is already on course fighting to reclaim his stolen mandate. All lovers of Peter Obi know that the best stamina, inspiration and momentum they would grant him on his pursuit of justice is to vote massively for the LP to win the governorship seats.
It’s an open secret that Obi is a movement consisting of genuine and fake supporters across party lines, that was why most PDP and APC members voted for him at the presidential poll, and their parties at the National Assembly polls.
We’ll like the public to know that the group which held the press briefing are PDP members and not LP faithful, and what they did was just the same as party members canvassing support for their candidates.
LP faithful believe in a new Nigeria and new Plateau State, and will in no wise demoralize or backstab Peter Obi at the time he needs support most.
The group falsified everything to make it real as those who attended the press briefing were no closed up to ten posing as leaders of the various volunteer groups for Obi. And have not submitted the names of the 200 hundred leaders of the volunteer groups, names of the groups and their signatures.
No real Obi supporter will claim Mutfwang is better than Dakum other than those who supported him out of mere ethnic or religious sentiments.
Those who sought for leadership capacity in Obi, will surely go with Dr. Dakum knowing how fully capacitated he is above Mutfwang.
When Caleb Mutfwang was in Form 2 in Boys Secondary School in 1979, Dakum already has started tasting the Second Republic politics, and while Mutfwang graduated in 1982, Dakum was getting more exposed at the 1983 political dispensation.
The Fourth Republic ushered in on May 29, 1999 with Dakum as Commissioner of Health and Information under the Joshua Dariye led administration. 14 years after, Mutfwang became Mangu LGA Chairman. By then Dakum has become the CEO of Institute of Human Virology Nigeria.

Dakum as Commissioner of Health, initiated the construction of General Hospitals in Tunkus, Mikang Local Government Area, Kanam Local Government Area and in Angware, Jos East Local Government Area.
As Commissioner of Information, he established the booster station for the Plateau Radio Television Corporation, PRTVC, for a wider reach to Plateau South.
Many equipment were upgraded at the PRTVC and others.
Mutfwang as LG chairman left mine months of unpaid salaries, and mostly governed from Kaduna State where his law firm is.
Dakum has employed 1000 workers at IHVN, where 250 are from Plateau State. Each owns a house and car and with the record of executing projects in their communities.
Dakum heads the United State President Emergency Plan on AIDS Relief, PEPFAR, where over four hundred thousand HIV/AIDS patients are receiving free medical treatment.
He also manages Self-Sustaining Enterprise, an NGO where they dug 200 boreholes for 200 communities, give students scholarship, boost businesses for entrepreneurs, own schools and so many others.
Spiritually wise, Dakum writes COCIN morning devotion books, teaches in Sunday School, established COCIN Church Garki, in Abuja and so on.
Dakum had touched the lives of many homes through his radio Programme, Home Front for almost a decade in the nineties.
During his 60th birthday, he celebrated it by buying relief and building materials for the victims of attacks in Fan, Miango and Daffo.

Dakum has more knowledge of Plateau in terms of challenges, resources, and others by being a member of the state executive council, and has gone round the entire state and attended executive council meetings for years. Mutfwang only knew Mangu LGA partially as most of his time is spent in Kaduna.
The PDP group should bring out the achievements of Mutfwang that match or superceded Dakum’s for comparison and not looking at the huge size of their principal and claim he is better.
The general public should take note that the PDP is down to earth scared of the LP and its candidate that’s why it embarked on campaign of calumny saying Dakum has stepped down for Mutfwang.
The calumnious group are not in any way supporters of Obi, but mere imposters and impersonators for cheap political propaganda that the weakest and newest political novices will term crude and outdated.
Disregard such fictitious claims as there is no iota of truth that they are authentic Obidients.
Shabul Mazadu
Consultant/Media Director, Internal Relations
Consolidation for Greater Plateau 2023

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