Plateau Killings: Why peaceful protest turns violent in Jos…

Plateau Killings: Why peaceful protest turns violent in Jos…

Citizens under the umbrella of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Northern Zone chapter alongside Bazata Gospel Team ,women wing of CAN, Youth wing of CAN from all indications are the initiators of the protest of yesterday 23 July,2018.

Protest in Nigeria with all emphasis still remains a fundamental human right Hence, the action of the leadership towards matching was in accordance to the rights and privileges’ of every citizen.

While the leadership of the aforementioned group peacefully match from old Airport to ray field in worship and peace the scene changes in the front of the government house was swift and contrary to the initial script, as some group of youths among the   protesters began to climb the gate, to break an entrance even against the clergy plea.

For the first set of violent protesters that broke their entry the security responded by gunshots in the air, which did not stop the entry.  Violent protesters at that point result to use of stones which cause damage to government properties and cars around the government house including that of journalist on ground to cover the protest.



From a patient eagle eye the protest is characterized by many factors:

  1. The initiators script was badly directed as many who do not share in the story were involved in the cause of movement
  2. Political gladiators from the leftist side use the platform to take undue advantage; why did the member of the House of Reps Hon. I.D Gyang stop some group of protesters’ to announce his bring back our land campaign? It seems he was not part of the show so why steal the show? There is a likelihood that the action of ID Gyang might not go down well with him as he remains uncertain to which platform can best guarantee his Senatorial ambition, recall the Hon made attempt to decamp to the APC and many still believe he dines with the Governor
  3. The presence of the former Minister of water Resources, Sarah Reng Ocheckpe who is currently facing charges of corruption alongside the Former Governor, Sen David Jang begs the question of how valid and to what extend can politics and revenge  be wash out of the protest. Recall that the killings did not start today and never a time did the former minister protest with the Masses during her tenure as a serving minister under the Goodluck regime that saw the bombings of many churches and properties of plateau citizens.
  4. The Ethnic factor also played a pivotal role.
  5. Delay in the readiness of the Governor to address the protest upon arrival at the Government house gate ultimately force the protesters in, protest like this demand the Governor or the speaker to be on ground, but neither the Governor or his Deputy or the SSG or even the Speaker is on ground to address the protest, even though the viewpointNigeria learnt that the DG  plateau peace Building Agency, Joseph Lengman was on ground but the infiltration and attack by the first set of protesters force him to run for his dear life to which he was mistaken for the Governor.|
  6. Why the Director of press and public affairs to the Governor Hon Emmanuel Nanle  could not command the attention of the protest was base on the fact that he is a key player in the dislodge of the former administration recall his popular audio that seek to paint the “Government of the Father, mother and son” many keep shouting “you want to use English on us call the governor”
  7. Sadly it’s seem the “bring him down strategies” as employed by the plateau political Class is taken its turn of the current administration. Governor Jang did same to DARIYE, now Dariye is in prison, many predicts that Jang might soon Join, but Governor Lalong is on his way too and the trend keeps moving until understanding prevail.
  8. Since the aim of the protest has been defeated by the hijackers, there is a high possibility that many will answer for their roles in the movement the coming days will reveal itself.

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Plateau Killings: Why peaceful protest turns violent in Jos…

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