Plateau CAN caution political Leaders against Corruption, describes Dariye’s imprisonment as unfortunate.

Plateau CAN caution political Leaders against Corruption, describes Dariye’s imprisonment as unfortunate.

By Pam Moses

The Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Plateau State, Rev. Fr. Polycarp Lubo, has describes the jailing of Former Governor of Plateau State, Senator Joshua Dariye as unfortunate.

He caution Christian political leaders particularly Governors to desist from corrupt practices while in Government.

The clergy Spoke with Journalists on Wednesday in Jos, said the Former Governor was really love and cherish by the People of the State as a generous Leader, but is unfortunate that his mismanagement of funds has taken him to jailed.

Rev.Fr Lubo also calls on the EFCC not to be selective, but investigate all those Governors who have stolen from Government treasury to be jailed also.

“It is unfortunate and sad that it has happened to Dariye, and this should serves as caution to other Christian Governors, because when Former Governor Jang took over he saw the misappropriation and the fraudulent act of Dariye and reported to the EFCC, and the same thing has also happened to Jang when Lalong took over and saw the misappropriation, he has also reported Jang to EFCC”.

He said the 14 years imprisonment over corruption charges labeled against Dariye by the EFCC has sent a signal to other Governors.

“The judgement has sent a signal to Christian Governors particularly our amiable Governor Lalong and Jang too if they have done anything that will discredit credibility and Christian Faith Should do away with it if not they too will go to jail”.

He caution Leaders and particularly Governors to shine the light of their faith and led with an example, saying Christianity believed in transparency, honestly and services to humanity, “you cannot robbed the poor and the State and claimed to be a Christian”, he said.

However some stakeholders in Plateau State have on Wednesday also decried the sentencing of Senator Joshua Dariye to 14 years imprisonment for fraud and mismanagement ofof funds while in office as governor of plateau state between 1999 and 2007.

Reacting to the sentence, Mr Garba Pwul (SAN), a Jos based legal practitioner, described the sentence as “great lost’’ to the people of Plateau Central senatorial district and the entire plateau state.

He said the Jailing of Senator Dariye means Plateau central has lost its seat and the entire state being incarcerated and cut from federal and political representation at the National Assembly.

“It’s a minus to us here on the plateau especially at this crucial period that the country would soon go to the polls to elect its leaders at all levels, ’’ Pwul lamented.

Also Speaking Dariye’s former Chief of Staff and PDP stalwart in Plateau State, Chief Alexander Mwolwus said the jailing of Dariye was a big minus and sadden one to the entire people of Plateau.

Mwolwus said that for the fact that he was not supporting corruption, the 14 years jail term is a very hard one for a man of his caliber giv ng his contribution to the polity of Nigeria.

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Plateau CAN caution political Leaders against Corruption, describes Dariye’s imprisonment as unfortunate.

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  • Dan

    Point of correction CAN Scribe,Jang have never reported Dariye to EFCC,His case started when he as still in Govt,it is only Lalong who reported Jang to EFCC Pls.with the confession of CAN secretary that Dariye is generous it means you have partake in the loot.Those who benefited from this fraud should return us back our money,first Lalong and others because that same money stolen was used to rigged Lalong to power.Any body corrupt is not a true Chriatian.Plateau politians should stop giving us bad name as we support corruption.

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