Plateau Assoc. UK decries Kombun, Mangu Massacre

The leadership of the Plateau State Association, UK receives with horror and shock the gruesome murder of 15 persons in Kulben village of Kombun district in Mangu LGA on 8th January 2020.

The devastation and grief left by the these marauders is a stark reminder of the clear and present danger that continues to affect our communities.

As a diaspora organisation, we condemn in the strongest of terms the perpetual carnage of innocent people in our communities. We recognize that security and policing is the duty of everyone and not simply that of Government alone, but we urge the government to step up its action of fortifying lives and property and to as a matter of urgency work to ameliorate the plight of victims.

We pray for the repose of the souls of the victims of this heinous crimes and shall continue in our duty as Plateau ambassadors to work with like minded international organisations to proffer solutions to the challenges facing our communities in Plateau.


Mr. Rwang Chall


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Plateau Assoc. UK decries Kombun, Mangu Massacre

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