Plateau Assembly Member, Hon. Laven Denty gives business grants to women and fertilizers to Farmers.

Just two months after being inaugurated as the representative for Pankshin South state constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Honorable Laven Denty Jacob Laven is already making a positive impact on his constituents by donating fertilizers and business grants to women. In his first month, he awarded scholarships to needy students, and now he is focusing on supporting women who are building small businesses and male farmers. The empowerment event was held in the Tal, Chip, Jiblik, and Lankan wards toady.

During the visit to Tal, the Ciroma of Tal, HRH Da Isa Bodang, expressed his gratitude to the member for the August visit. He was surprised that a politician would fulfill his promise by thanking the electorate after the election, describing the thank you tour as “rare” because politicians often seek votes and may forget to show appreciation to voters afterward.

Honorable Denty, the member, stated that the thank you tour is part of his campaign pledge, reflecting his commitment to prioritize the welfare of his constituency. Addressing the assembly, he thanked the communities of Tal, Chip, Jiblik, and Lankan, emphasizing that his mandate is bound by a set of promises. With only two months in office, he is determined to fulfill these promises, which is why he is distributing fertilizers to 50 farmers and providing ₦25,000 to over 40 women to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Among those in attendance at the gathering are loyal supporters of the APC party and various key figures. Mr. Dauda Yapis, who serves as the APC Chairman for Tal Ward, lauds the member’s actions as extraordinary, marking a significant turning point in the political landscape of Pankshin South constituency. He portrays Hon. Denty as a unique leader, a true gem in the realm of politics, and a divine gift to the residents of Pankshin South.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Mr. Patrobas (PW), the APC Ward Chairman of Jiblik ward, expresses gratitude towards the Hon. Member for fulfilling promises and pledges unwaveringly, pledging unwavering support to the member in all endeavors.The esteemed ruler of the Miship Nation, Nda long, Sunday Dajep Dasha II, extends gratitude to the Hon. Member for embarking on a tour to express appreciation, while also stressing the critical importance of unity and peace within the constituency.

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Plateau Assembly Member, Hon. Laven Denty gives business grants to women and fertilizers to Farmers.

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