Things keep unfolding with our journey yet to be defined, so would be a mirage to wish a safe journey when our destination is yet to be properly defined. Our journey so far has produced seeds of ethnicity, nepotism, tribalism and favouritism; these seeds have been sown and cultivated across our regions, YET the pendulum has failed to gravitate towards goodwill. Prior to now, the movement has produced questionable characters in the system, and the pendulum is still yet to define the next path. It is quite disheartening to engage in meaningful conversations with the youths because a good number of our youths today speak to reflect their acceptability of our current state despite seeing the fact that we have poor will power in governance. The fact that our roads are no motor able, the fact that we live in troubles daily, the fact that we live in poverty never generated enough heat amongst youths to question the direction of the pendulum as our political parties are used as a platform to maintain the pendulum.
When power shifts to the major blog, the swing of the pendulum takes place, the actors change their sides, gravitating the pendulum to a position that promotes and protects their subjective well-being, and their dominance. As the pendulum takes a swipe, credibility is discarded; ideologies are now buried as they wait to see the pendulum of victory, so they catch the pendulum itself.
The pendulum lies with the masses; we are the enablers and custodians of the pendulum while our elites enjoy the direction to which the pendulum gravitates to. Back and forth our mind goes, meaning they toil with our minds. Our cravings for a fulfilled dream is thwarted by people who grew up in affluence out of our sovereign wealth, we live in crisis as our peace is being enjoyed by the master minders of this crisis situation. Our security enjoyed by people whom the ants dare not touch their feet, hefty men guard their homes with doors often made of hard metal steel just like the locks of banks in Britain. Our right have now become privileges, and even at that, they make it look like a favour to us..ooh! What could this be?
So promising and soul soothing were their campaign manifestos, aptly plotted and well delivered. Yes! We got the message but in reality, this message hardly correlates with reality. Our inability to say what’s right or wrong, when to say it has being a lingering factor, in fact accrues to our inability to demand for purposeful leadership. This lack of will power works verily in our system, it has infested even the civil service. The stories heard of the civil service are now folktales, what we see today are blatant lies and deceit, tribalism in the service, corruption sucking all good morals, from work ethics; while our elites seek for the direction of the pendulum, our institutions suffer the great neglect. They come to the aid of the common man after his/her child gets sick and dies of malaria with series of post manisfestos again; billions are allocated for the upkeep and well-being of these country men, but what do we get in return? We watch speeches every day in the devils box hoping that things will get better, but no! Things get worst….
They are nothing without us but we are everything without them, but they lead and we follow. Still, we remain the force. ‘’ all ye evils, all ye looters, all ye drivers of corruption, and all ye benefactors of corruption’’, a change is about to take place, a new leaf is about to be turned, what goes forth and back lies with US, what happens to us is basically a product of what we decide on, because we are the PENDULUM ; we decide what our future is to be like, we have ticked and kept to your time for a whole while so as the time keeps ticking , we are to be the alarm that wakes everyone to action, we are the battery that gets these elites charged up, so we are the PENDULUM and the time allocated to our elites stops now, this is a call to action!

Plangnan Christopher Tongding
Social activist/ girl child crusader/ student with the French Dept, University of Jos.

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Where Is The Pendulum? – By Plangnan Christopher Tongding

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