P.D.P Plateau State suspends Sango and Gombi, Chris Hassan to chair the party

The people’s Democratic party plateau state seem to be on a cleansing mission .

in a resolution available to VPN, the chairman and his Deputy are accused of financial misconduct and the exco resolved to suspend both.

See details below ;

We the undersigned members of the State Executive of the Peoples Democratic Party, Plateau State Chapter in a meeting held on the 24th day of April 2019 at the State Party Office due to imminent issues arising from elections & party affairs; A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE is passed against the Party Chairman Hon. Dimishi T. Sango and his deputy Hon. Amos Gombi Goyol in the bid to save the Party, the following resolutions has been reached:

  1. That the Party Chairman Hon. Dimishi T. Sango and his Deputy Hon. Amos Gombi Goyol are hereby SUSPENDED and stand suspended based on the following reasons:

a. That the resources sent to the State for the Presidential elections were not accounted for by the Chairman aided by the Deputy Chairman concealed the amount sent by the Presidential Campaign Committee and created a fraudulent unseen template used as “a sharing formula” unknown to the State Party Structure and up till date no disclosure has been made by the Chairman and/or the Deputy Chairman.

b. The Moneys raised and saved by the Party to help Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to help relieve their pains were also not accounted for up till this moment. NO Mention has been made of the stated funds. It is worthy to note that the Deputy Chairman is the Chairman Committee on IDPs for the party.

c. The money meant for P. D. P. Plateau State Retreat was equally not accounted for by the Chairman and/or the Deputy Chairman.

d. The arbitrary substitution of the legitimate candidate who won his primaries for Wase Federal House of Representatives by the Chairman and this Deputy without recourse to the EXCO or SEC due to some financial inducement to the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman cost PDP to lose the election in Wase Federal House of Representatives.

e. Due to the highhandedness of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the party has caused the party to plunge into confusion. High disregard to Elders, Critical Stakeholders and Members of the SEC as their advises and decisions no longer relevant to the chairman and the Deputy Chairman.

  1. That the State Campaign Council is hereby dissolved with immediate effect. All party properties in whatsoever description is in their possession should be returned to the State Party Secretariat within 48 hours.
  2. That having suspended the State Chairman and his Deputy Chairman, recourse is made to the Constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party, the State Vice Chairman Northern Senatorial Zone, Hon. Chris Hassan shall take over the leadership of the party as Acting State Chairman.

Dated this 24th day of April 2019.

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P.D.P Plateau State suspends Sango and Gombi, Chris Hassan to chair the party

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