Our story of Christmas – Dr.  Nentawe

Christmas use to be sweeter when I was younger.

As a kid in the 70s, Christmas rice was cooked with only palm oil, salt and at best onion. The rice was shared in big metallic basin and the children congregate around it to help ourselves without spoons. Our clothes will change colour after eating. But it was sweet and tastier. Far sweeter than all the stew, condiments, salad and creams we add to rice these days. May be the pond water contributes to its taste.

Christmas cloth was hidden from your peers and you will cry your eyeballs out if anybody except the tailor sees it. Sometimes, that’s the only cloth you will have in a year and some kids have to choose between uniform and Christmas cloth. Today, Christmas cloth has lost its place of pride because kids have many clothes to choose from.

In those days, it takes for ever for Christmas to come. We were told by our parents that they saw Christmas on its way at a neighbouring village and we believed them. We thought Christmas was a living being. These days, the days run faster and Christmas is spinning like ludo.

I am sure nobody reading this text has my Christmas experience. Ajebota Christmas is not Christmas

But now …..
Now I have now come to term with the fact that Christmas is not a season, but a state of mind. Its time to cherish peace and goodwill, and show mercy to humanity. That was what Christ was born for. We should emulate him, let people remember you for your good works in their lives. Give them a smile, forgive abundantly, give gifts and show mercy.
Anything less than making impact in the life of people during Christmas is a failed celebration.

Merry Christmas and many more prosperous years ahead to all my friends on Facebook

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Our story of Christmas – Dr. Nentawe

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