Opinion: My historic encounter with the incredible Katmaan Senlong – By Satmak Dapar

Finding a well-fitting topic for my Sunday’s discourse was a hard nut to crack. For the most part, I’ve written on numerous themes within the pretexts of politics, current affairs, philanthropy, economy, sports and other editorial priority areas.

Today, it gives me enormous pleasure and cordiality to write on a sterling personality I recently met in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital courtesy of Prof. Dakas CJ. Dakas (SAN), one of the finest political minds and consummate achievers of contemporary times who are shaping my life and helping me to reach the zenith of my career and dreams.

Literally and thankfully, I met ‘Katmaan Senlong’ recently in Abuja. Prior to meeting her, little did I know I was going to meet one of the brightest stars Plateau State has ever produced. Amazingly, here is a woman who is living her dreams and creating limitless impacts throughout the world. One of the things inspiring me, for the most part, is when I surround myself with intelligent and humble people. It’s fair to say I met a brilliant agent of change and innovation who exemplified humility. Our discussions were within the context of philanthropy, economic empowerment of our people and how to give back to society using our time, energy and resources under her visionary project the ‘RUPETTA ACADEMY’.

It was an awe-inspiring moment. Ideas and visions were shared. Short and long term plans were discussed. More importantly, how to achieve a full-fledged implementation also defined our discussion. She spoke with consummate eloquence and I felt very deeply, the vibration and enormity of patriotism that greeted her explanations and our need to work together – not just working together to be known and heard, but genuinely working together to heal the world and putting humanity on the right path and life’s development trajectory.

I feel blessed literally to know we still have people in our lifetime with immeasurable willingness and determination to make a difference and change the world without minding whose ox is gored. Are you still in doubt? Look no further. Katmaan Senlong is one among a million. She’s got the “Midas Touch” and possesses the qualities, potentials and endless possibilities for change.

‘RUPETTA ACADEMY’ has come to stay. It serves as a springboard where people from across the world will be projected to find the true meaning of their lives, achieve leadership and professional excellence, define their ultimate purposes, prioritize their dreams and goals as well as contribute significantly to the growth and development of their countries, regions and continents.

One of my take-away messages from her expressions was that “We can’t continue to wait for the government to do it all.” That was a promising belief. From my standpoint, waiting for the government is not smart. It’s a failure of imagination. The earlier we take our destinies in our hands and begin again the work of re-making our country, the better and bigger the future would be.

The youths have what it takes to make a difference. Thank you Katmaan Senlong for this historic reminder and great re-awakening. The future looks good. Our dreams are possible. However, the ball is in our court to make it happen. Meeting Katmaan was the greatest thrill of my life. It made a lot of sense. I learned new things, upgraded my thinking and repositioned my focus. She is one youth you would love to meet. I pledge to pitch my tent with her vision and support her every step of the way. I enjoin the youths to take action and start making a difference. “If we are serious, we have to be prepared to pay the price.” Some people will say, we can’t afford to do it. I disagree. I think we can’t afford not to do it. The potential and time are in our hands. History will be our judge.

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Opinion: My historic encounter with the incredible Katmaan Senlong – By Satmak Dapar

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