Operation Safe Haven Arrests 8 Irigwe youths attempting to launch reprisal attacks

By Nanwa Golok

The Multi-security Taskforce maintaining law and order in Plateau, southern Kaduna and parts of Bauchi state, Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), yesterday said it arrested eight people with locally fabricated guns following the attack launched on Irigwe communities by suspected herdsmen.

The taskforce Media and Information Officer, Captain Adam Umar told newsmen on phone that trouble started on Tuesday when two cows were killed by unknown persons. Captain Umar said, “While we were investigating the incident, an Irigwe boy was found dead the next day.

The killing prompted Irigwe women and youths to demonstrate and some of them attempted to launch a reprisal attack on some Fulani settlement.” He said when the taskforce was alerted, security men were deployed to the area to calm nerves, “but some of the youths were angry that we stopped them, so they sneaked back to destroy our sector 6 checkpoints.”

The media officer said the Irigwe were complaining that the herders often allowed their cattle graze in their farmlands but stressed that OPSH Commander, Major General Anthony Atolagbe had visited the area to calm the people down. “Our men are currently dominating the area and cordon and search is going on,” he said.

He called on citizens of the state to continue to stay peaceful with one another.

Below is our earlier story on the attack launched by suspected herdsmen on the Jebu-Miango community – leading to the said reprisals:


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Operation Safe Haven Arrests 8 Irigwe youths attempting to launch reprisal attacks

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  • Hyacienth

    As usual, the Soldiers are always in a slumber mood and the marauding fulanis are invincible when they(fulanis) launch attack on local communities, but the moment they local communities, out of frustration set out to defend themselves, the soldiers wake up from their slumber and round them up.
    Kudos, operation Slumber heaven!!!

  • David Zhu

    This is not fair to the irigwe people! The government should not expect people fold their hands and wait for the jihadist to kill them all! There most be room in Nigeria constitution for self defense. if not so, Nigeria most a jungle were you can hunt every one!

  • John Ezekiel Wambe

    Hmm this report is out of place, is the security personal said by the community killed the boy. The herdsmen are invisible but any attack community are visible to the security agent. I’ve never seen herdsmen cut, why search the community why not the herdsmen settilers community close…

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