Abubakar, who is the chairman of the newly formed Integrity Forum by the House of Assembly members-elect, alleged that a move by a leading politician to impose a speaker on the house. He said the members have vowed to oppose this.

Abubakar, elected on the platform of APC, said the members of the APC dominated House had resolved to have a Speaker from the Central zone of the state since the Governor-elect and his Deputy were from the Northern and Southern zones respectively.

“We have a particular person in mind that is good and equal to the task,” he said.

“A political leader in the state is trying to foist somebody on us but we will reject that.”

He said one of the major roles of the integrity group was to ensure that the house operated in accordance with the constitution of the country.

On a recent appeal by some members-elect for sponsorship from the state government, for an induction course in Abuja, Abubakar said such members were on their own and that what they did was not the collective decision of members-elect.

“Nobody sent them to Government House to solicit for sponsorship,” he said. “What they did was not our collective decision.

The 25 members-elect for Adamawa House of Assembly comprise of 22 APC members, two PDP and one SDP.

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Nobody Can Impose a Speaker on Us- Adamawa Member Elect

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