Mwaghavul Youth Movement dialogues with indigenous Muslim brothers for lasting peace

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The leadership of Mwaghavul Youth Movement (MYM) on 16th February, 2024 convened a meeting with their indigenous Muslim brothers to look into issues surrounding recent attacks on communities in Mangu local government area of Plateau state with a view to returning the local government to its original status as the most peaceful local government in the entire country, Nigeria. The meeting which was convened at the instance of the National President of MYM, Comr. S.D. Dankaka noted with pride, the brotherhood ties that have bonded the Mwaghavul people and of course the entire local government of Mangu which have remained unbroken for ages until the recent confusion and misunderstanding which snowballed from Fulani attacks that have ravaged villages in the area.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that the leadership of Miyetti Allah, Ardos and the leadership of Fulanis in Mangu local government had earlier in the week addressed a similar press conference at the instance of the series of engagements organized by the Transition Committee chairman of the council, Markus Artu where they expressed their resolve to give peace a chance while condemning in totality the wanton destruction of lives and properties in the local government area. The council chairman had in that meeting noted in his words that “we must as people learn to live in peace. We must live in peace because government cannot come and invest in a society that is chaotic. There must be peace and then development. Development goes with peace. Peace goes with development.” He noted that Governor Caleb Mutfwang is fully prepared to ruthlessly deal with crisis merchants.

The latest engagement by the Mwaghavul Youth Movement will therefore further consolidate the ongoing efforts by key state actors to ensure that peace returns permanently to Mangu local government area and Plateau state as a whole.

The full text of the press statement made available to Viewpoint Nigeria correspondent by the media secretary of MYM, Tubwot Joël Sunday reads:


Resulting from the Fulani attacks that ravaged villages of Mangu LGA and later matured to a religious crisis in the very heart of the Local Government, the leadership of the Mwaghavul Youth Movement convened a meeting with Mwaghavul Muslims on February 16th, 2024, to dialogue on possible ways to return the entire local government to it’s place as one of the peaceful local government in the country.

Comr SD Dankaka, President of the Mwaghavul Youth Movement dissected the familiar ties that bind all Mwaghavul people irrespective of religion, clan and district.

He addressed the devastating effects of the Fulani attacks/genocide on Mwaghavul people, an act which left not fewer than 60,000 Mwaghavul people displaced from their ancestral homes, hundreds of lives lost and many businesses grounded.

The meeting allowed for the Muslims to express their concerns and as well, proposed potential solutions. Alhaji Auwal and Comr. Ado Adamu Chantu, former MYM National Auditor of the Mwaghavul Youth Movement were amongst speakers from the Mwaghavul Muslim group. They highlighted the importance of remembering shared identity of the Mwaghavul people and made a strong call for unity and peace to foster development in Mangu.

Additionally, the Mwaghavul Muslims pledged to meet with their Christian counterpart to discuss shared concerns and extend a symbolic handshake of brotherhood, demonstrating continuous commitment to unity and peace of the land.

Lt. col M.E Obi, the Step Up Commander, Opetation Safe Haven, FOB., Mangu LGA who joined in the meeting pledged professionalism and reminded everyone of of their common tribal bond which supercedes religious difference.

The meeting also featured the Pioneer president of the Movement, Prof. Sonni Gwanle Tyoden who was ably represented by Daa Wetkos Mutihir, Engr. Gayus, the immediate past President of the Movement amongst other past leaders of the renowned Mwaghavul Youth Movement who emphasized on the need to unite and collectively fight the common enemy rather than fuel division. They expressed hopes that the timely and positive initiative of the leadership of Mwaghavul Youth Movement Marks a beginning for healing and rebuilding of the Mwaghavul Nation.

Tubwot Joël Sunday
Media Secretary,
Mwaghavul Youth Movement

18th February, 2024

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Mwaghavul Youth Movement dialogues with indigenous Muslim brothers for lasting peace

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