Management Crises at the JayFM Radio Station Jos

Trouble has come on an early knock to the house of the latest addition on the airwaves of Jos, the Jay 101.9 FM station. According to those in the know, this trouble is one which has for long been brewing, and which can, with all emphasis, be said to be a management issue. For a radio station which came amidst much hopes and promises, it is not only disheartening to hear of such early crises calls, but the early reverberations of these chaotic scenario, if not checked, can snowball into a major inferno that may engulf the whole station; and this can be traceable to none other than the General Manager of said station, Mr. Clinton Garuba.

As earlier noted, this ugly head has been months in the making, almost as old as the station itself, but was thrown open when one among its fleet of on-air personalities dramatically announced his resignation after his show, on Monday (morning) the 24th April, 2017, to the awe of listeners and admirers of the radio station. Viewpoint Nigeria which is in possession of the audio file of this resignation took a swipe at finding out more facts as relating to this incident and then discovered even more startling revelations.

Autocratic Leadership Style

The GM is said to be running his own idea of a mafia regime by making sure that only what he deems fit is carried out at the station. This has expectedly not gone down well with his team as many of them know the vital roles that ingenuity and innovation play in the daily running of a media outlet as theirs. He is even believed to have given express directives to presenters not to feature certain individuals and groups via the station’s airwaves, even when his subordinates may have initially, and rationally, differed in opinion.

Wanton Abuse of the Powers to Hire and Fire

Aside from leading a Pharaoh-like pattern of running the station, Mr. Garuba is also guilty of sporadically, without recourse to caution or due diligence, hire and/or fire personnel against even the recommendations of consultants, members of staff or keen observers of the ongoing scenario.
According to our sources who have pleaded anonymity, the GM has sacked his staff on first count minor offences, without prior warnings as common sense or basic rules of work ought to dictate. And for the eight month period of the station, no fewer than ten (10) members of staff have been fired by him, some which happened over phone conversations!
The recent and appalling ones were the senseless sacking of two elderly but junior staffers for early completing their basic cleaning tasks on Good Friday and then proceeding to rush to Church to observe the solemn day. It took the total resistance of staff for these elderly women to be recalled back to work. Furthermore, he single-handedly went ahead to still relieve three additional members of his team on same Monday 24th of April, for being very frank as to demand a meeting with the JayFM board on the issues surrounding how the station is being run. This is even as his whole staff had signed the said petition which called on the JayFM board to grant them audience.

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Management Crises at the JayFM Radio Station Jos

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