Lives in Southern Kaduna are #BlackLives and they matter too

Southern Kaduna is trending on Twitter and this is not some random banter on who has the most of anything and neither is it a trend comparing achievements. Following the violence reported in Southern Kaduna, many Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their disgust as they call on authorities to take control of the situation.

From many tweets on this matter, it has been gathered that the Southern region in Kaduna State have been victims of several attacks over the years, and users also pointed out that the government is paying close to no attention on the matter.
In Southern Kaduna, it’s been gathered that there has been a long-lasting dispute on some land ownership among other regions in the state and that has always led to the clash between regions in the state.

However, a number of Twitter users have also criticised influential figures who tweeted about the killing of the African-American man, George Floyd while ignoring the pressing case in Nigeria. They stressed how pressing and hot the air is in Southern Kaduna, relating it with what they perceive as a common trend of Nigerians paying little honour to issues close to home while paying detailed attention to affairs of other nations.
The killings in Southern Kaduna is not something that began today as there have been many reported cases of the killings in that region and in the Northern part of Nigeria. For many who were interested in this trend, they pointed out that the lack of responsibility from Nigerians to things that belong to them is now becoming appalling.

Some Twitter users who joined this trend, pointed out that even while racism and all other things that were raised from the killing of George Floyd, Nigerians who followed the trend with energy should do the same with matters that concern home.
While people who are in authorities have been notified about the killings in the state, it appears that not so much is being done down in Southern Kaduna.

Nigerians who are tweeting about the violence in Kaduna and Northern Nigeria are calling on other Nigerians to join in full force to bring a unanimous front against violence in that region. Not ignoring #BlackLivesMatter, but to remember that all black lives matter and not just the ones in other countries, but the ones with us at home and in other parts of Africa generally.

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Lives in Southern Kaduna are #BlackLives and they matter too

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