Lalong makes bold step to redeem image, apologises un-reservedly

Following a torrid and difficult week for Governor Simon Lalong and his team, the governor appears to have turned the situation around by offering an unreserved apology to the people of Benue state –for his earlier statement that he warned the Governor, Samuel Ortom on the implications of implementing an “anti-grazing law” in the state.

Making his plea, Governor Lalong acknowledged the pain his utterance would have caused to the grieving families of Benue state. Saying he regrets making such a statement at a time when there was so much grief and pain.

The governor’s apology puts to bed an issue which has generated so much debate and caused a lot of anger in the “Plateau-sphere”.  Many who commented in the last few days had expressed their disappointed at the statement, but more importantly on the timing –which was at the time the dead were being buried.

Governor Lalong’s hearty apology settles an issue that has cause so much embarrassment and friction to the cordial relationship between Plateau and Benue states. Importantly, the apology demonstrates great humility and leadership from Governor Lalong – seeing as he has accepted that to err is human.

Even though the Governor of Benue state was yet to respond to Governor Lalong’s apology, the expectation is that it will be well received and things will forge on as usual.

At the time of filing this report, the apology was well received by many in Jos and environs. With many expressing happiness with his display of humility.

See social media comments on his apology which ViewPointNigeria published earlier.

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Lalong makes bold step to redeem image, apologises un-reservedly

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