News arriving our news desk suggests that a new Lion has arrived the Jos Wild life park, following the killing of an aged lion which escaped from the Jos wild life park last year.

The lion cage located at the east end of wild life conservation, took delivery of the lion by daybreak today, after the truck that drove it to Jos arrived at 2 am this morning.

Reports suggests the commissioner of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality, Mr Nwankon John has named the Lion “Lalong” in respect to the huge part played by the governor in assisted to broker the deal of securing the replacement.

The lion was said to have been obtained on a trade by barter deal entered between Plateau and Borno States, with Plateau giving out a rare specie of antelope in exchange for the one and half year-old wild cat.

“Lalong’s” arrival relieves the lioness which had been lonely in the cage since the killing of male lion.

The previous lion was shot by a team of soldiers invited by the park management, after it bolted out of the rusty cage in search of food. Park personnel said the lion was left hungry for days.

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Jos wildlife park gets new lion as replacement of old one killed in 2015

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