Investigation; Plateau central senatorial, how a group maligned the person of Dr Jimam & Misinformed the public …

A group known as the coalition of all PDP support groups in Plateau Central Zone had on the 17th of April, 2023. Address a Press Conference in Jos, Plateau State, with a volume of complaints and concerns about the concluded Plateau central senatorial elections that saw the emergence of Hon. Diket Plang of the APC. The press conference text was signed by Lengwe Mushangka on behalf of the group.

First, the group rejected the declaration which they tagged “as a shameful declaration made by one purported INEC Returning officer of the Plateau Central Senatorial District in favour of the candidate of the APC as the said winner of the election”

Secondly, the group alleged that there were pending issues from polling units, wards, LG and the Returning agents bothering on “irregularities uncovered in some LGAs which lead to a prolonged delay to the declaration. The group also claimed that Amb Golkuna Yohanna Gotom won the elections on the 25th of February, 2023.

Furthermore, the group alleged that the second Returning officer deployed by INEC was an “imposter” in their words “the sudden emergence of an unknown INEC Returning officer for the senatorial district who we feel impersonated the position of the accredited returning officer.” They added, “We hereby call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Dr Timchang Jimam Lar, a lecturer with the Department of History and international studies, University of Jos, who declared the so-called winner of the election for impersonation “…

To this end, the media is socially responsible for having a line called “the healthy balance of story” and Viewpoint Nigeria’s Investigative journalist and street reporter, D.M Long’gul set out to investigate the claims of the group.

Whereas the group was not detailed in their press conference on what constitutes the crux of the issues, VPN gathered that Following the Elections on the 25th of February, 2023 the former returning officer Prof. Daniel Dabi collated results from the 5 local government areas successfully, however following a petition, the Returning Officer allegedly cancelled the results of Gagdi ward, Kanam LGA on the grounds of mutilation by the RA collation Officer.  However, the INEC committee found out that:

  1. The thirty 34 units in the Gagdi registration area of Kanam which were alleged to have been concealed were found on the IREV and  had physical copies of EC8A(1)
  2. A replacement  EC 8b(1) was deployed and used to re-collate the votes for the registration area after the original was badly mutilated by the RA collation officer

INEC further directs that:

  1. A new returning officer for plateau central may be appointed to conclude the process in place of the original returning officer if he/she is no longer interested in continuing with the exercise
  2. \Based on the above, VPN gathered that after a series of meetings between Prof. Daniel Dabi INEC and stakeholders, the original returning officer submits a letter tagged “Decision to resign my position as returning officer, plateau state central zone senatorial” The letter was received by INEC on the
  3. 14/4/2023.

First among the reason (s) cited by the former returning officer, Prof Daniel Dabi was bordering on his integrity and transparency to conclude the exercise,  this is because the state chapter of the APC had also written to INEC questioning the integrity of Prof. Dabi to continue the process. But the resignation of prof Daniel Dabi is in line with the provision of the electoral act.       

The new Returning Officer was appointed to resume collation and conclude the process. Dr Jimam Lar contrary to the claim of impersonation as carried in the groups’ press conference is legitimately appointed by INEC and only takes the results purportedly cancelled by the former returning officer i.e the Gagdi ward and Kanam LGA to conclude the process that saw the emergence Hon. Diket Plang   of the APC  

some pictorial references captured in the report

cross-section of the PDP members who called the press conference in Jos

A copy of prof. Daniel Dabi’s resignation letter and INEC reports …

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Investigation; Plateau central senatorial, how a group maligned the person of Dr Jimam & Misinformed the public …

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