“Dem say Dem say don tire me” -Nentawe respond to political propaganda

The flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Dr. Nentawe Goshwe Yilwatda has finally respond to political propaganda on his person and his ambition to become Plateau state Governor in the 2023 elections.

The Candidate took to his Facebook page to write a poem- like response title “Who has bewitched this generation of Nigerians?”

while responding to some of the issues in contention, first, as to his eligibility to contest and the propaganda of his relationship with Regina Lalong, the wife of Governor Lalong, the poem reads” Dem say:
I will not contest until after 5 years of leaving INEC, I am the elder brother to the first lady
Some say I no get certificate of return. They want declare me winner before 2023 in advance be that.
I am. ……… “

Dr. Nentawe in the poem wonder why people will take to cheep propaganda and the poem reads ” Haba this Dem say Dem say don tire me. Anytime I questioned the source of their “very reliable information”, all I normally get is “Dem Say”. By the way who is this strong man called “Dem Say” that keeps commanding the strong and the weak, the generals, professors, titled chiefs, millionaires, students, first class graduates, counsellors and even people with common sense”
Finally, The APC candidate concludes that “While they share Dem say, we will share our ACEES Agenda …May God save this reader from “Dem Say”…

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“Dem say Dem say don tire me” -Nentawe respond to political propaganda

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