Carry the Youths Along- Maqual George Micheal speaks to viewpoint Nigeria straight talk with longgul


The youths represent the strength and future of any nation their powers in a democracy can never be under estimated, chief Maqual  George Micheal (Sarkin Yaki) chairman plateau  larger House bear his thoughts on the recently  appointed Board chairpersons on the plateau on straight Talk with Dakwom Longgul of viewpoint Nigeria

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Could you introduce your self for the benefit of our reader

My  name is chief Maqual George Micheal ., am a social crusader,an activist,and one who has concern for development of the state and country at a large,

With the Appointment of Board Chairpersons by the President and commander in chief of The Arm Forces President Mohammadu  Buhari , it seems plateau  youths are not carry along despite the fact that,apart  the SSA appointment which few youths are captured the State Executive have no single youths representation

First and foremost permit me to  appreciate the  president for giving plateau state the slots.Again, the plateau state government for engaging the youths. Paramount and back to your question we have have to say that the youths are not properly captured in the Board Appointments  but you can equate that to the fact that sometimes in this country our assumptions is that experience should be consider first  but what happen to the green horns? I feel some few of them are appointed, and they are very capable, believe me if there should be more vacancy it should be reserve for the youths, because  intellectually more  than 95 percent of plateau youths are sound, they are up to date they can head any position if given the responsibility and  opportunity.

My call is this, like Gulliver we need more i also feel the youths should be proactive to engage the government in discussion that will give reason to government of their ability and capacity but again, the youths must be more organize  proactively to help them selves not waiting for somebody to dictate their destiny, pragmatically,such actions can be formation of groups that will speak irrespective of any undertones not politically, religiously or tribal. If the youths are seen as a force and a section of a electorates who have an opinion which can stand the test of time i think heavens will be the beginning .

At this juncture, we must also congratulate those found worthy to be appointed among the youths in the state and i admonish them to carry along others. of particular interest, are those who will find job opportunities due to these appointments but the youth must research and find out areas of opportunity in those areas where those members are appointed and present those qualified because we also have a share in the federal level so we must not always  start our careers on the plateau and end up on the this end, we are grateful  to our leaders but we need more.

With about five board chairman so appointed and with the numbers of qualified youths on the plateau searching   for jobs , how can the youths strategically championed a cause that they will benefit  their constituency from those appointed

It is not a fight,we congratulate the elders appointed into those boards yet don’t forget we have a body called the Plateau Youths Counil (PYC) the should be organize go facilitate with the appointees first as brothers and sisters and also to submit their road map of how they can empower the youths of plateau using their current position, in fact from appointment of their personal assistant to administrative offices should be youths in that case they can start mentoring them for the future and also giving them a sense of belonging and a means of employment , for instance most of them appointed are senior citizens of this country and have been in the politics for a while  for instance Mama Dame pauline Tallen, Shagaya,  Alhaji Nakande, these are very notable people that should carry and integrate the youths  because tomorrow who is going to be the board chairman? Tomorrow who is going to run errand on merits? It should be some one who has been trained and is going along the line making sure things go properly. We are happy that they are appointed but youths of plateau must engage them to get the dividends of their appointments.

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Carry the Youths Along- Maqual George Micheal speaks to viewpoint Nigeria straight talk with longgul

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