Power means a lot to politicians. To them, it’s like an article of faith that can’t be compromised. Nothing gives politicians greater fulfillment than holding tenaciously to power and maintaining a large amount of influence on the people. From the inception of democracy in 1999 to date, Nigerians have had the cause to engage in politics directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. They do so because everything in Nigeria revolves around politics, absolutely everything! To some politicians, politics is the best thing that has ever happened to them because they seize all opportunities to remain influential and engage in primitive accumulation of wealth. To others, it’s a unique time to make an incredible impact on humanity and change things for the better. Has Nigeria ever got it right in view of the fact that different governments have come and gone at all levels? Can we beat our chest as a people and declare that yes, politics has had the potential to solve our most pressing problems? What assurance and hope do we have that the ruling party APC, can restore the years that the locusts ate and chart a road map for a better future where all can be proud of? This article is primarily meant to challenge the government in power to think deep and do all it can within its reach to take Nigeria to the next level. Perhaps, I should have given PDP a heavy knock for wasting many opportunities but no, too much criticisms and yelling can’t resolve the major challenges confronting Nigeria. The words of president Obama are true, “If we choose to be bound by the past, we will never move forward.” I would rather lay strong emphasis on what needs to be done by the current APC led government and if they fail, trust Nigerians, APC can be blown out of power in 2019 the way they did to PDP in 2015. Little did we know that PDP was dancing on the brink until the final explosion and it was just too late to make some corrections and continue to hold unto power. APC, a party formed in 2013 through the coming together of different opposition parties took the lead and explored like a tornado. But obviously, it’s one thing to win an election and it’s another thing all together to work in the sacred interest of the masses and be voted again and again. APC must be advised not to take advantage of its victory and lead the country with reckless impunity, step on the toes of Nigerians and waste the many opportunities Nigeria presents. APC must equally be advised that the time to work for the betterment of Nigeria is now and not later. It must shun the idea of constantly blaming past governments for Nigeria’s woes. They have got to settle down and summon a new spirit of optimism, service and sacrifice to sail Nigeria to Eldorado. I sincerely believe that every opportunity is worth maximizing. If APC wastes the opportunity to create positive change, its dream of staying in power beyond 2019 would be a mirage. At the moment, there are surreptitious moves and activities to reclaim power by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Well! That depends on PDP’s calculation and strategies because obviously, politics is a game of numbers. The candidates PDP would present at all levels matter to a large extent because it’s quite obvious that the electorates nowadays support candidates more than just parties. Such candidates must be well known, possess good pedigree and have what it takes to make a big difference. APC too may not dream of quitting the stage too soon but that also depends on how far they can go in making things right before 2019 and how wise and diplomatic they can scheme and put strategies on ground to get re-elected. For now, the APC led governments at different levels are doing their best to make the change Nigerians sought for a reality, although there are pockets of leadership challenges and complaints by many Nigerians here and there. It’s left for APC to clear the doubts of Nigerians and change their collective perception about the current government. The big question is, CAN APC STAY IN POWER BEYOND 2019? This is a question that can only be answered by an overwhelming majority of Nigerians when the time is ripe. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Satmak DAPAR is the political correspondent of ViewPoint Nigeria. He can be reached via


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