APC group writes PMB against Gov.Lalong

A group, APC integrity group have written an open letter to the Mr President, Mohammadu Buhari and leader of the APC complaining against the Governor of plateau state, Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong over what the termed as “UNDERMINING INTERNAL DEMOCRACY IN APC & State: A LETTER OF COMPLAIN against HE.Simon Bako Lalong

The four to five pages letter accused the governor of attempting to instil political crises in the state and undermining the principles of democracy at the APC congresses and also the stated managed LG congress in the state. the group is calling on Mr President to quickly intervene and save plateau APC .

details of the letter leaked to the VPN news desk are below:

Open letter

                                              Integrity Group of the All Progressive Congress (APC),

                                                                                              Plateau State

                                                                                              1st October 2021.

 The president,

Federal Republic of Nigeria

& leader of our Party- AP

     Excellency sir,


In a  democracy,  leaders are elected to lighten the burden of the people,  give them freedom,  choice and equity and ensure good governance and not deceive them, burden them, oppress them,  render them hopeless and helpless. Nothing should be done to undermine the tenets, and values of democratic principles and practice.    Tyranny in all its manifestation may be appealing to a leader in trying times of political feud or disagreement. Democracy must, however, prevail and be held as sacrosanct.    Today, you are the President of Nigeria, we acknowledge you and respect you as such because you have shown Nigerians leadership through exemplary leadership: fighting insurgency and corruption to instil discipline in the polity and ensure that our dear party the APC continues beyond 2023.

However, the act of an individual has a  way of rubbing off on the generality, hence our call through this short letter. Your Excellency Sir, the Governor of plateau state who claimed to be your loyal son is not true to his word and the principle of our dear party, the APC. As it stands now the APC in Plateau state is in a deep crises curtsy the actions of the governor, first, leadership into the party were imposed from the grassroots (Wards LGAs & State) undermining the very definition of “progressives” that our party principle stood for.

The state governor is also undermining your fight on corruption due to his actions, and party structures destroyed and handed over to the governor’s appointees. Excellency sir, in practice, the commissioners who are appointees of the governor, nominated names from councillor to LGA chairman without an explanation whatsoever to date. To us this will loosen the structure of internal party democracy in APC because as it stands there is no publication of candidates’ names who purchased forms in the just concluded staged managed LG elections, in fact, some never bought forms but got nominated, the question is why? This idea of beating the people and refusing them the right to cry is the time bomb waiting to explore.

For the first time in the political history of Plateau state, your Excellency, the appointees of the Governor took party structures sidelining the party, with this political impunity, the level of secrecy that characterized the state congress is an eye saw. Because never will a sane society accept this Primitive political performance.

 For us to have peace, we must, first of all, give ourselves the peace internally and Plateau is on the verge of political crises except the governor takes serious action by refunding monies paid by party stalwarts for forms at the party congresses to state and about 823 councillors who paid #400,000.00 for nomination forms and denied participation from the electoral process and their counterpart who obtained the chairmanship forms at # 700,000.00  

Mr President sir, we wish to also inform you that just recently, the governor staged managed the removal of the speaker with only six members smuggled into the plateau state House of assembly aided by his brother and the securities that ordinarily should be protecting farmers in the villages against terror activities but no, the securities connived to rape us of our democracy, because, as it stands, we have two factions and that will not portray APC in good light.  

In conclusion, Excellency sir, as patriotic and dedicated APC members from the world go! We appeal that as a matter of urgency and dare need, please intervene to save APC on the plateau and give justice to the talakawas

Accept, Dear Mr President,  the  assurances  of  our  highest regards

Yours in struggle

John tokmat


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APC group writes PMB against Gov.Lalong

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