Anaguta Community Raise  Alarm over Land Dispute with Hausa-Fulani Community  and Mins. of  Lands


Anaguta Community Raise Alarm over Land Dispute with Hausa-Fulani Community and Mins. of Lands


The Anaguta community of Jos North has raised an alarm over what it calls the deliberate efforts of relevant authorities to take over their lands and pass same to the Hausa-Fulani community.

Speaking to ViewPointNigeria, the village head of Angwan Rogo Baba Musa Gyangga said

“The lands in question were leased from our fore-fathers and earmarked as forest reserves, but as time went on, the forestry department packed up and left. With the vacation of the land by the Forestry Department, our community was shocked to see that the Hausa/Fulani community had taken over the lands and started developing same. This development warranted us (the Anaguta Community) to approach the court demanding interpretation and justice.”

Making a similar contribution, the village head of Bogomo, Baba Auta, the custodian of the traditional stool of the area, expressed sadness over the situation. He explained that “despite a court Judgement in  favour of the land owners (Anaguta), the Hausa-Fulani have continued to develop the lands not minding the law. He reflected that  sometimes during the administration of Da Jonah Jang, bulldozers were mobilized for demolition only for them to disappear overnight, with no action till date”

Speaking to our reporter, the immediate past president of the Anaguta community, blamed the Ministry of lands and survey;

“we have approach the ministry of lands and survey on several occasions on this issue, but to our dismay nothing has been done. We personally wrote to Governor Lalong, but there has been no response or reply from the Governor. More painful for us is the conspiracy in the Ministry of Lands and Survey -some of the Hausa Fulani’s have R of Os for the disputed lands. The question is, who issued that to them?

The Immediate National president pointedly blamed the commissioner of lands and survey, Hon. Festus fwanter for cashing-in on the mess and for further consolidating the illegality and denying rights of the bonafide owners. He stated that the community had on several occasions sought to table the issue to the commissioner but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

The Mai Angwa of Ukadum,  Baba Ayaka Adamu Maisaje, speaking on the issue averred that “there is a village called Attajir   (behind  the  mountains along Bauchi  Ring Road) which is home to one of the ancestral shrines of the Anaguta people, but that the land encroachment is now threatening the existence of such an important Anaguta cultural edifice.

In the same vein the National  President of the Buje Youths, Comrade Arabo Julius lent his voice to the raging issue saying “I am calling on the government to respect court order, and to do the needful in respect of this issue before it too late”

The area under review is called Bogomo village, in Zangam District of Jos North local Government Council. This is the area where the university of Jos is located. And as such, ViewPointNigeria sought to get the opinion of Students Union President, Comr. Samson Haruna -speaking, he said:

“The development to me is worrying, because our students have continually suffered as victims in any conflict with the community. He gave the example of the recent IPOB incident where a student was killed needlessly around the area.

Speaking about the general state of cleanliness of the area, he said, if you look at the front of the university permanent site, it has now become a dumping ground for refuse, we tried to clean the area, but they will still throw refuse and park heavy vehicles there. We are now consulting to find a way out as a community. But I want to call on government to look at this issue now before it’s too late

see pictures depicting the main gate of the university of jos permanent site

Citing one of the court Judgments to buttress his point, the Mai Angwa Musa Gyangga one of the plaintiffs said, since 2005 our community has been in court. He points out “we took Plateau State Ministry of Lands, Survey and Town Planning to court. The Judge, Justice Damulak’s   judgment on the 27th September, 2010, ordered that the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Town Planning stops further partitioning, allocating , gazetting, selling or assigning any part or portion of the disputed lands –specifically those at  the East of Bauchi Ring Road, Race Course and Zinaria layout.  He therefore wonders why, these lands have been taken over by the Hausa community –who continue to brag that Government issued them R of Os for the said lands.

photo;. layout under contention

photos by lawuna

While these incidents persist, ViewPointNigeria learns that at some point, a group of angry Anaguta youths took the law into their hands and enter one of the areas, a situation that led to the demolition of some properties.

After that incident, Mai Angwa Auta, the village head of Bogomo,  said his life was threaten by yet to be identified youths. He said a boy called him and said “if ever you step your legs in the area again, you will pay the ultimate price –and for the record, I have the evidence of the warning by this boy”.

Efforts to reach out to the Hausa-community proved abortive as many declined to comment on the matter.

The Director of Lands, Survey and Town Planning in the ministry also declined to comment, saying he has not been mandated to speak. Saying, “unless the commissioner speaks, I can say nothing”.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of Lands, Survey and Town Planning –Barr. Festus Fuanter was too engaged but promised to find time soon.

see court papers below

Anaguta case document


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Anaguta Community Raise Alarm over Land Dispute with Hausa-Fulani Community and Mins. of Lands

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