Your Excellency sir, the Executive Governor of Plateau state, Rt Hon Barr Simon Bako Lalong KSGG. It’s with heavy heart that I chose to use this medium to reach out to you, I feel this will be the fastest medium due to the recent happening in our state and the bureaucracy of government.

I want to start by appreciating you for your tireless effort for the past six years to ensure peaceful atmosphere in our dear state, the billions of naira spent on security personnel, gadgets and other security related matter is a commendable effort which should have yielded the necessary peace but reverse is the case.

Your Excellency sir, Plateau State just like any other state in the federation have its own security issues and peculiarities which am sure you are familiar with it, you have been a leader and in government in this state since 1999 which I feel it’s high time you adress it. The issue of farmers – herders conflict have taken the life of many Plateau natives across the 17 LGA having its main theater of killing in the northern zone of the state. Over the years, the killers have always been described as unknown gunmen, if this is so then it’s either the security personnel are not doing their job adequately by chanelling the resources you are supplying to unravel this unknown gunmen mystery or there is something the government are not telling us, be that as it may, I soppose our killers are known by now.

The state have recently witness devastating and untimely death of travellers, students of university, business class and farmers within the city and outskirts of Jos. The security cannot continue to tell us that this killings is carried out by unknown gunmen because same people will video cover their devilish act and subsequently post it on social media, that is to tell u its a deliberate moves without any remorse. This videos in circulation are our brothers, sisters and neighbors who are killed and that video will always provoke people to react in a negative way.


Your excellency sir, as a legal luminary and fireball that you are, you will agree with me that a society without justice will be termed as a fail society and caos will be the order of the day, I want to tell you that plateau state is gradually drifting into such type of society which appropriate action needs to be taken.

  1. Few weeks ago, you Constituted a committee during the Endsars Movement on police brutality and extra judicial killings, that committee concluded their findings and nothing is done to deliver justice to victims of such mayhem, it’s time to publicly adress the general public on their findings and action taken by your government.
  2. Attackers of farmers in their farms whose crime is to feed the nation should be brought to book, the public should see your government serving justice openly by conpensating this farmers while parading the criminals as they face the wrath of the law, in same vain, criminals who rustle herders cattles should also be seen paraded while compensation is given to them openly either on national TV or a designated channel, this type of moves will be considered as fair justice by the government thereby reducing the risk of ritaliation by the affected persons.
  3. Videos are in circulation about recent attacks on students of university of Jos and other citizens, you should direct security agencies to use all the resources at their disposal to trace crime scene which is visibly clear in the videos which are not alien to us, apprehend the people living in those areas to provide the real culprit so as to serve justice to the affected families.
  4. The issue of cultism, Sara suka and other form of criminalities have become the order of the day, I want to tell u categorically clear that this young men who engage in such activities have make life unbearable to people in the society by killing anybody who disagree with them or Robb them of their personal properties, this people have ended alot of lives with no tangible action taken. They are now same people who have become nuisance and engage in killing innocent people up and down. The bad elements must first of all be identified, and eleminated in the society so as to find a long lasting solution.
  5. Your excellency sir, there is no alternative to peace as economic activities can only thrive in that atmosphere, you need to act now so that you can save some resources and channel it towards development of the state, leaders are assessed base on their abilities to secure life and prosperties, physical development and also the welfare they were able to give the people, at this critical time, some of this major elements are lacking. It is my sincere hope that you will equipt the Plateau State Peace Building Agency in collaboration with the Plateau State Information and communication development agency to deploy other security gadgets in the state, data and technology is necessary in fighting criminality as it can be seen in advanced countries. By this, the government can be ten 10 steps ahead of this criminals thereby reducing drastically the level of constant tension in the state.
  6. The teaming youths of the state need to be oriented, not that type of gathering where comrades will be gathered in a hall and be served with breakfast and lunch, but an advocacy to be taken to every community thereby enlightening them. This can be achieved in collaboration with the Plateau youths council and other relevant youth groups.

This among many other solutions can be deployed to safeguard the life and prosperties of people in the state. May God give you the wisdom to bring the much need peace your excellency.

Comr Kwaltom Sadiq
Concern Plateau Youth.
20th August, 2021

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