Pictures: An evening of praise & worship at COCIN London, UK

Sunday 14th April 2019 was another day of great worship at the Church of Christ in Nations, London – UK.

The service started with a solemn session of worship and praise, where several special numbers and song renditions were delivered by members of the congregation, with the main worship session led by the head pastor/reverend of the Church, Rev Kefas Tang’an.

The sermon was then delivered by Rev. Dogara Ishaya Manomi, a COCIN reverend and TCNN lecturer who is currently rounding-up his PhD studies at a University in Germany (but is on a month long exchange programme at Cambridge University, UK).

Reverend Manomi’s bible text was taken from the book of John chapter 1 verse 13 – 16. And the theme centred around the concept of the “the Word becoming flesh and making his dwelling amongst us”. He focussed on the significance of the “incarnation” and what that means for Christians today.

See pictures below

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Pictures: An evening of praise & worship at COCIN London, UK

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