Information reaching us indicates that the Ngolong Ngas traditional stool, which has remained vacant since the demise of the substantive ruler Nde Joshua Dimlong on 25th June 2015 has a new acting Ngolong Ngas -in the person of Nda Wesley Mulak III, the current Long Mhiship.

It would be recalled that following the death of Nde Joshua Dimlong, late Nde Cyril Adams was installed on the 21st September 2015, but then died subsequently on 1st January 2017 leaving the current vacuum.

The Ngolong Ngas stool, which is paramount over both Pankshin and Kangke LGA’s, presides over affairs in both domains and is the chief custodian of the cultures, norms and values of the subjects. This would be the first time a Miship King would have a shot at the exalted seat.

As stated earlier, the Ngolong Ngas stool has remained vacant since the demise of its acting paramount ruler –  Late Nde Cyril Adams (who succeeded late Nde Joshua Dimlong). ViewPointNigeria learnt that the reason for the long vacancy was because of internal squabbles and disagreements between key parties. As such, the current selection (albeit) in  acting capacity -puts to bed the raging disagreements.

ViewPointNigeria is still obtaining finer details of how the new king was chosen and shall report back accordingly.


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“Acting” Ngolong Ngas selected after years of stool vacancy

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