#5DayforCOVID19; Tips that can save your life


Lagos, Nigeria (March 26, 2020):  To address the present turmoil of #COVID19 in Nigeria. Development Communications (DevComs) Network with support from over 150 volunteers Social Media & Health Influencers all over Nigeria launched a campaign titled ‘#5daysforCOVID19’. The twitter conversation ran for five days as Nigeria joins the world to tackle the #COVID19 virus.  The twitter campaign reached over 7.5 million people with credible information on Corona Virus in 5 days. The topic discussed covers how to prevent contacting Corona Virus, how and who should self-isolate, the concept of social distancing and public and private roles to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. 

Some important tips below were shared by Dr. Chinonso Egemba @Aproko_doctor, Dr. John Afam @DrJohnAfam, Dr.Marietta Imadojiemu @etta_md, Nelson Echibuogu @Sports_doctor2, and message moderated by Fausiat Balogun (Public Health Specialist) @Healthcommng for Development Communication (Devcoms)Network;

  • The Virus is spread by respiratory droplets, so there has to be contact with an infected person. By effectively practicing social distancing, we reduce this contact and the likelihood of spread. What you do affects all of us. 
  • Social Distancing simply means reducing the amount of contact we have with people while carrying out our daily activities. This would help to prevent the spread of #COVID19 as infection rates would drop.  Meaning no unnecessary movement, priorities. 
  • Self-isolation simply means either staying at home or at a place where you won’t meet with family or people, in general at
    – serviced apartment 
    -or your house with no FACE-FACE contact with anyone for a period of 14 days
  • Who should #SELFISOLATE? For now, 2 major groups
    1. If you’re returning to Nigeria from outside the country
    2. If you have come in contact with someone who was confirmed to have #COVID19 infection. This is hard but think of all the people you will be saving 
  • Practice Top-notch Hygiene🏼
  • Wipe surfaces (desks, doors, etc.) & objects (Telephones, keyboards) regularly with disinfectant.
  • Ensure easy access to soap & water for handwashing
  •  Place hand sanitizers at strategic locations & fill them regularly (it’s best if these are self-dispensing to prevent multiple hands touching them)                                                            
  • Provide tissue &/or face masks in case people develop cough around you

More tips can be found on our social media pages by searching  for #5daysforCOVID19 

Akin Jimoh, the Program Director at Development Communications Network stated that “Our lives depend on the practices of our neighbors, so we all have to form a unit to educate, inform and call attention to practices that could help decrease the spread of COVID19”. He also enjoined people “not to share random information on the internet except source is verified by credible bodies such as the World Health Organization, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and State and Federal Ministries of Health. Aggressive education and health promotion can help flatten the curve of COVID19 ”.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the 7.5 million reach of Tweet Marathon; #5daysforCOVID19

Together as a unit we can help prevent the deadly #COVID19 Virus.

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#5DayforCOVID19; Tips that can save your life

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