400L student of FUT Minna develops ground breaking e-commerce Platform

A young Nigerian has made what the IT and business community are calling “a ground breaking and audacious bid” to revolutionize the African e-commerce ecosystem, by developing a highly innovative platform that allows University students to buy and sell items seamlessly.

The platform, which is called “iwansell.com” (as in I-want-sell), connects prospective buyers with sellers in Nigerian university campuses. It facilitates e-trading and e-commerce by connecting respective entities via the platform –allowing sellers to list their goods/services, while buyers can express in their interest and then subsequently trade on the platform.

Speaking to journalists, its developer Retzam Danladi Tarle (a 400 level student of Information Systems Technology at the Federal University of Technology, Minna) said “our intention is to create an online ecosystem where Nigerian University students can buy and sell products and services seamless. We identified a gap in the market, having seen the difficulty of monetizing products and services on campuses and we thought we could develop a Platform as such –I am glad that it has turned out beautifully”.

Asked about how the platform works, Mr Tarle said, “on iwansell.com, landlords are put in touch with renters, sellers of books are connected with student buyers, final year project typing and binding centres are put in touch with final year students in need of such services, dry cleaners are put in touch with students who need such services etc”.

iwansell.com is already “live” with hundreds of students signing-up and trading on a daily basis.

The site can be accessed at: www.iwansell.com

About the founder: Retzam Danladi Tarle is a 400 level student of information technology at FUT Minna. He hails from Plateau State Nigeria and is currently developing/driving several start-up initiatives within the IT sector.

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400L student of FUT Minna develops ground breaking e-commerce Platform

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