2023: How APC Can Convincingly Win Again with Dr. Patrick Dakum as Flag Bearer

Prior to 2019, many people had their doubts and reservations about the possibility of APC making it to power. It was precisely a hard fought battle with all the strategies and permutations at work. To the PDP, it was a rude shock relinquishing power that they held for many years – power they never thought was going to slip away from their hands. To the APC, it was more than a dream come true. 8 years after, the question begging for answer is, has the APC performed beyond measure and served the interest of the country with all sense of honesty? Whether or not APC had performed, it’s up to the court of public opinion to review and judge.

When the word power is mentioned, what kind of power comes to mind? Of course many people would link it intrinsically to political power. That’s right. The greatest ambition and aspiration of all political parties is to clinch power and assume a position of influence.

APC wants to stay in power beyond 2023. Someone said “power is as sweet as honey”. well, the person knows best. To my mind, power shouldn’t be abused. It must be used to fulfill all political, social and economic rectitude, decency and justice.

As 2023 beckons and having carefully examined the times and season with their accompanying challenges, I do know for sure that the past was replete with dark moments but the future holds more than a thousand promises and hopes. How can this be justified? Plateau state is increasingly desirous of a new, advanced, stronger and refined leadership. The dream of every predecessor to have his successor perform better and more practically. It’s about continuity – but continuity with results and positive impact.

To Dr. Patrick Dakum, it’s been a fight – nevertheless a good fight. A fight to better rejig the system for higher dividends. It’s a fight for the betterment of Plateau state and the progress of humanity. The vision Dr. Patrick Dakum has is one replete with honesty, resourcefulness and consolidation. It is intensely action and result oriented. It’s a vision that sees Plateau as a place where the hopes and dreams of young people can be achieved without looking elsewhere necessarily. It’s a vision that carries heavy weight and outcomes for a fruitful and ever-green future.

Dr. Patrick Dakum has worked tirelessly to further entrench APC on a strong footing at the state and national levels. He has toured the 17 Local Governments with renewed strength, energy and enthusiasm to make APC more popular, more accepted and more rooted at the grassroots. His ambition to become governor is precisely about what posterity can do for all of us. He’s well connected to the people, popularly accepted and happily embraced by the young and old, children, traditional leaders, students, mechanics, carpenters and indeed all people who form the social stratification of society.

More than anything else, Dr. Patrick Dakum holds an experience, leadership credential, vision and qualification that literally stands him out. I can assure you that he’s qualified – more than qualified by capacity, competence and readiness to serve, make a difference and make the future we all yearn for happen.

Take my words today. APC has the brightest, promising and convincing chances of winning again and again in 2023 and beyond by presenting Dr. Patrick Dakum as its governorship flag bearer. The end would ultimately justify the means.

Written by Dr. Patrick Dakum’s Media Team

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2023: How APC Can Convincingly Win Again with Dr. Patrick Dakum as Flag Bearer

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