With ultimatum and counter ultimatums shaping public opinions across the nation, the key actors seem to be the youths, my interest of focus today is an argument I accidentally stumbled on. “if the youths are advocating that the old like the legend of GHANA MUST GO exit the political space for them, what then happen to the old since their contribution is also not in dark”
A reference to the political cautionary tale of a farm where, in summary, the pigs overthrow the cruel human farm owners to set up a democracy where all animals are equal; “four legs good, two legs bad” is the famous slogan for the rebellious farm yard creatures from a constitution carved on the barn wall, in similar to a NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN. The punch line is that, gradually, the dominant pigs sell out and whistle away the animals’ constitution until one line remains: “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ANIMALS MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS” Sound familiar?
Am sure that George Orwell didn’t make millions but certainty invoke many to think, just like he did not put into consideration the federal republic of Nigeria but sees the innate quest for power in his time only for the example to cut across time and history, in Africa today we remember the veterans leading the old : Robert Mugabe the president of Zimbabwe since 1980 as it stands now he is the only president since independence, interestingly too old but not tired. He is contesting for 2019 election which will mark the 8th term, not forgetting that he is the oldest president in Africa {91 yrs) leading with others like mahhammadu Buhari {Nigeria } Paul Biya 82yrs (Cameron) among others.
Taking a cue from the old, the young are occupying same even though without visible developmental democratic change and as the old, Joseph Kabila (DRC) 46 yrs a became the youngest world president at 29 years old. He took office ten days after the assassination of his father, President Laurent-Désiré Kabila. He was elected as President in 2006. In 2011, he was re-elected for a second term. Kabila’s term was due to expire on 20 December 2016 per the constitution, adopted in 2006. Officials suggested that elections would be held in November 2016. However, on 29 September 2016, the nation’s electoral authority announced that the election would not be held until early 2018. Talk has focused on the need for a census before holding elections. Strikers in this group include Mswati iii of Swaziland (46 yrs) , Ali Bongo and even recently Yahah Jameh of the Gambia (49 yrs) who if he had the chance will still be holding to power.
The account of leadership seems to be like my early story “ all animals are equal “ indeed the issue of age is not the real problem but a problem of delivering good governance which for long is not in our DNA but choose to clinch to power till death separate. The tragedy of our democracy in Nigeria is not to hand over power to irresponsible youths who are desperate to replace the old looters. Historically, this old we eagerly want to replace indeed played a functional role in reshaping the destiny of the nation for example Jacob Zuma was part of the Comrades of ANC an active member in the Liberation of south Africa, Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) actively participate in the civil war that made sure Nigeria is one, How many of our youths are ready to trade that part first ? Leadership is not a yearning … action is needed.
Our situation as youths is deteriorating, the youths are becoming too materialistic rather than compatriots, we educate to Ignorance, we lack solidarity even to struggle that will change our destiny, ours is an unfortunate generation that can only protest on social media without taking action, with the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN idea 2019 is fast approaching we shall see how many will take up the challenge to change the rhetoric of the old, and make life better for all.
To my view all that stand in the way of eternal destruction is a five letter word THINK
DAKWOM M LONGGUL (Aluta parrot)

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2019 Ultimatum:Youths To Power, The Old To Exit – By Longgul Dakwom

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