As Nigerians prepare in advance for yet another period when they will go to polls to decide who represents them at different levels of political power in 2019, one would definitely expect the good, the bad and the ugly situations of Nigerian politics to play out. That’s OK! But then, while we see the year with mixed feelings, we must also hope for the best. No opportunity is a waste, but that depends on how we seize the moment of promise and ensure Nigeria gets better in view of the many challenges troubling her. Nigeria practices free and open democracy. It’s a democracy that gives power of sovereignty to the people and they decide who occupies what position in a free and transparent election. Worthy of note is the fact that, election is not the only critical building block of democracy. So many factors make or mar democracy. However, our interest and energy must be geared towards giving Nigeria’s fledgling democracy a new face lift and make it the pride of Africa and the world at large. Is it possible? I trust Nigerians. Yes we can!


In all my articles, my readers know that, I’ve never shied away from laying bare some unknown facts and pointing out the truth of all matters as they relate to national issues. I do so out of a true reverence for the giant of Africa and because I have a permanent interest in Nigeria’s success. It is incumbent on us all to work for a Nigeria that is better in 2019 and beyond. The activities of the year maybe dicey but we must be careful in determining Nigeria’s future in this regard. The year maybe pregnant and give birth to so many mysteries but we must be bold and have a concrete faith in the emergence of a new Nigeria where all things are possible. The past might have been cloudy but there is always a time for turning point. Almost everything is wrong with Nigeria politically. When it comes to politics, sometimes we behave in an animal-like manner. We heat the polity and show crass desperation for power. Everything becomes a do-or-die affair. We make inflammatory utterances and kick against what should ordinarily be done right. We don’t show spirit of sportsmanship and accept defeat in the best interest of our democracy. The only concern of a politician is to win election at all cost and loot public treasury mercilessly. When our concern is to build a better Nigeria out of patriotism, true change can begin to occur and we will all be proud of our country. We have suffered enough. Our elections are always characterized by violence, rigging and other dangerous manipulations. Young people are used to cause troubles and shed blood in order to pave way for their candidates. This is worrisome! We have largely monetized the politics so much so that everything is heavily influenced by money through bribery and corruption before some systems work in favor of the politicians in question. How more preposterous this sounds! Quite frankly, we have betrayed Nigeria’s destiny and grossly injured its reputation before the eyes of the world through our nefarious political activities. Alas, everything is no longer at ease.


As a country embroiled in different crisis of interests for political reasons, unlocking new solutions is indeed paramount. This challenge must be shouldered by the youths. What we heard and saw in Kogi and Rivers States during their recent re-run elections where innocent people were gruesomely murdered, including security personnel left one to wonder if Nigerians are willing to bury their differences and embrace courage in rebuilding the broken walls of their country. Everything we do, we must remember that history is the greatest judge. 2019 political year is just by the corner. What we do now as the time hots up would have a direct impact for better or for worst on our collective future. At this age and time, I think we have got to reason together as a people and remove all barriers on Nigeria’s path to greatness. This, we can only do with our own hands, lest we become the architects of our misfortunes. We must be hopeful for a better Nigeria and guard its image jealously and excellently.


At the end of the day, it behooves of INEC and a sustained efforts of security personnel to ensure the organization of credible and rancor free elections in the interest of Nigeria. There are always recorded cases of rigging, violence, manipulation of results, snatching of ballot boxes and other unholy activities. These are capable of setting a dangerous precedent for the future. These are bad indices and bad development trajectories. We must therefore chart a new way forward and put Nigeria on a path that leads to the future we will all be proud of. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Satmak DAPAR

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2019 And The Promises Of A Better Nigeria

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