10,000 patients benefits from free medical outreach by the Plateau Central Youth Advocacy for Democracy and Good Governance ( PLACEYADAGG),

report of the 10,000 patients free medical outreach by the Plateau Central Youth Advocacy for Democracy and Good Governance ( PLACEYADAGG), held on 14th-15th August, 2021, At by Kanam L.G.A. of Plateau State
In keeping to the words of Albert Schweitzer which says, “the purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others”, the Plateauu Central Youth Advocacy for Democracy and Good Governance (PLACEYADAGG) took yet a further step in it’s service to humanity. The medical team of the youth advocacy group drove miles away to Gwamlar village in Kanam LGA of Plateau State, the host community for the second phase of the 10,000 people free medical outreach which held between 14th – 15th August, 2021.
Arriving at Gwamlar village, PLACEYADAGG was warmly received by the Pangkwals Guzuk, his large entourage as well as the peace, loving people of the community. The traditional ruler expressed his immence gratitude to PLACEYADAGG for remembering his people in their moment of dire need. According to the monarch, “good things do not get to us easily because we are in the village and our roads are very bad. But you people went through the stress and you are here to help us. We are very happy. One thing I believe is that he who has served his fellow man has also served God and will get his reward …”
While addressing the people during the opening ceremony of the event, the chairman of the group, Bldr Kwarsen Andokplang Gideon reiterated the drive of the initiative which is in consonance with it’s mission of rendering medical assistance to sick persons within the zone who cannot afford good medical care due to the poor socio economic condition of the average rural dueler in the state. In his words, “PLACEYADAGG is not a partisan group. It is not for PDP or APC. Likewise it is not for Christians or Muslems. We are for humanity and we are here to serve you in the little way we can. As far as we are concerned, everyone of you here is qualified to benefit from this medical outreach, and we pray that at the end of the day, we will be able to put a smile upon your faces…”
By 10 o’clock am, patients began to receive medical attention by the professional doctors and nurses. Different tests were run and drugs administered. A few referrals were made for patients whose cases could not have been treated during the outreach. Altogether, about 1011 patients were attended to.
Some of the challenges faced by the team were:
The road was in a terrible condition which poses a serious threat to the lives and safety of travelers;
The primary health centre at Gwamlar needs to be equipped to meet the medical needs of the people;
The presence of government at that level is too minimal to say the least.
Consequently, Bldr Andokplang called on the people of Gwamlar to deliberately and consciously elect leaders who know what good governance means and can deliver it any day without any compromise, “with good leadership, any kind of progress and development is possible,” he said. He reassured them that the group will not rest on its oars until it has successfully reached it’s goal of impacting on the lives of at least 10,000 people medically, that is, 2,000 people in each of the five LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District.
In conclusion, the chairman appreciated everyone for their cooperation and support and solicited the prayers of the people as the group continues to trust God for sponsorship to be able to deliver on its mision of making governance meaningful to the masses. “Thank you, and God bless Plateau Central Senatorial District; God bless Plateau State, and God bless Nigeria our country”.
Bldr Kwarsen Andokplang Gideon

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10,000 patients benefits from free medical outreach by the Plateau Central Youth Advocacy for Democracy and Good Governance ( PLACEYADAGG),

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