nigeriaViewPointNigeria is an online community of international reporters and current affairs journalists dedicated to bringing you commentaries, features and news reports from a Nigerian-African perspective. A unique organisation, founded upon the premise of the freedom of expression – comprising mainly ordinary citizens with an overriding commitment to seeking and publishing “news as it happens”.

Our Vision

The vision of ViewPointNigeria is to create an online culture that brings together Nigeria’s media producers, citizen reporters, bloggers and creative minds – birthing a new cyber-sphere of ideas and communication for our readers.

Our Values

ViewPointNigeria seeks to collate and publish news articles, editorials and opinion pieces for people who are interested in Nigerian affairs. We deliver hyper-local news that is created by certified individuals who are an integral part of what they report. Unlike other online African news organisations, which specialise in the delivery of politically slanted, country-specific or generic news, ViewPointNigeria provides a fresh approach to news production that is participatory, collaborative and delivered with substance.

If you wish to become a contributor or writer for ViewPointNigeria, please contact the editor.

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